Ocean Amino Acid Handmade Facial Soap


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Vegetable amino acids, cocos nucifera oil, elaeis guineensis oil, canarium album extract, hydrogenated sweet almond oil, melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, simmondsia chinensis pip oil, glycerinum, water, sodium hydroxide.


Ocean Amino Acid Handmade facial soap promotes your skin to generate collagen and elastin, smoothens wrinkles and tightens slack sin. It can not only clean the dirt and superfluous grease in pores but also supplement unlimited amino acids to the skin with deep moisture, leaving your skin flexible and bright. It gently cleans your skin, softens the cutting and relieves the dryness to achieve effective firmness.



Apply day and night

We the soap with water and apply on wet skin. Rinse off with clean water

Further details about the ingredients:

Vegetable Amino Acid helps in building blocks of protein, helping to repair skin damage, and keeps the skin moisture barrier strong

Elaeis guineensis is a species of palm commonly called African oil palm or macaw-fat.

Cocos nucifera oil helps to moisturize and soften skin. It is also suitable for sensitive and irritated skin

Hydrogenated sweet almond oil keeps your skin healthy, protects it from UV radiation damage and helps keep your skin smooth by eliminating wrinkles 

Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil helps reduce the amount and overall severity of acne

Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba oil) moisturizes skin all day, so it's ideal for dry faces, too. Jojoba is very mild, and you can apply it directly to your face

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