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Fatty acid sodium, sapindus mukurossi extract, canaries album leaf extract, camellia sinensis seed extract, lavandula angustifolia extract, mentholum, sucrose, aqua ppg-10 sorbitol, propylene glycol, aquilaria agallocha extract, bamboo charcoal



Love nature, love life, wash away the dust. Made from natural ingredients guaranteed to help you treat skin blemishes, and fight acne. It has a long lasting fragrance



Put the soap into water to wet, rub it on the part of the body that needs cleansing and then rinse with water.

Further details about the ingredients:

Fatty Acid Sodium can be effective moisturizers. They can help improve the skin smoothness
Sapindus Mukurossi Extract has natural cleansing properties. It can be used as a cleanser for hair and skin

         Camellia Sinensis Seed Extract has a lovely texture! It’s light, smooth,                     velvety and feels luxurious on your skin! What’s more is that the skin soaks it             up, and leaves a smooth non-greasy finish.

PPG-10 sorbitol potentially promotes hair growth. It helps in treating skin blemishes and also treat inflammation

Lavandula Angustifolia Extract potentially promotes hair growth. It helps in treating skin blemishes and also treat inflammation

Bamboo Charcoal is an activated charcoal that helps to remove poison chemicals, dirt & other micro particles from the surface of skin, which helps you to achieve a flawless complexion tone & fight acne. When we use activated bamboo charcoal, it is capable of clearing pores from your face and ultimately help rejuvenate the skin.


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