Pine Pollen Soap


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Fatty acid sodium, pollen pini, pearl powder, punica granatum extract, paeonia suffruticosa branch/flower/leaf extract, aqua, ppg-10 sorbitol, propylene glycol, glycerin, sodium glutamate, sucrose



This product absorbs wisdom from the natural treasures, innovatively extracts peony nectar and freshwater pearl essence, blends the precious natural pine pollen, effectively removes excess oil on the skin, activates deeply, nourishes the source, improves the groom, reproduces the pure luster, lets the skin to be full of vitality, blooms beautifully like the fresh flower



Put the soap into water to wet, rub it on the part of the body that needs cleansing and then rinse with water.

Further details about the ingredients:

Fatty Acid Sodium can be effective moisturizers. They can help improve the skin smoothness

Punica granatum contains high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants which helps prevents cell damage. It has the ability to speed would heeling as well as play a positive role in repair of sun damaged or aging skin

Paeonia suuffruticosa branch/flower/leaf extract is valued for the Paeoniflorin active, which has an antioxidant effect similar to Vitamin E. It also stimulates circulation with overall skin beautifying properties.

Sorbitol prevents moisture loss by pulling water by osmosis from the air, hydrating skin

Glycerin is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is sweet-tasting and non-toxic.

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