Rice Oil & Oryzanol Moisturizing Soap


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Fatty acid sodium, hydrogenated rice bran oil, aloe vera extract, butyrospermum parkii extract, sodium sarcosinate, ppg-10 sorbitol, glycerin, lanolin, sodium lactate, aqua, sucrose, titanium dioxide



This product selects rice bran distillate from rice and many plant extracts, including a large number of vitamins, vegetable proteins, amino acids and other natural purification ingredients, effectively removed aged cutting, alleviate pigmentation, natural mesh moisturizing ingredients, makes the skin tender and delicate, moist and not tight, elastic, full of health and vitality



Put the soap in water to wet, rub it on the part of the body that needs cleansing and then rinse with water.


Further details about the ingredients:

Fatty Acid Sodium can be effective moisturizers. They can help improve the skin smoothness

Rice Bran Oil is deeply hydrating, it is an anti-aging Ingredient. It is extracted from the germ and inner husk of rice. It contains high percentage of fatty acids like peanut oil. It is a perfect skin moisturizer.

Butyrospermum parkii (Shea Butter) can moisturize dry scalp and                          reduce flaking due to dryness. A great advantage of Shea butter is that it                  does not leave the hair greasy. 

Sorbitol prevents moisture loss by pulling water by osmosis from the air, hydrating skin

Glycerin is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is sweet-tasting and non-toxic.

Lanolin has long been used in the skin care and cosmetics industry as an effective emollient, commonly used in body creams and lotions to lock in much-needed moisture and prevent water loss


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