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This is the best shampoo for women. 


Elaeis guineesis (palm) oil, elaeis guineesis (palm), kernel oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, glycerin, water, sapindus mukurossi extract, camellia oleifera seed oil


The product contains a wealth of Sapindus, wild seed and other plant essences, which will nourish the hair, supplement hair moisture & nutrient, strengthen hair root. Using for a long time will make the hair more relaxed and smooth, flexible & elastic. It’s suitable for normal-dry hair. No essential oils, pregnant women and babies can definitely rock it!

Further details about the ingredients:

Elaeis guineensis is a species of palm commonly called African oil palm or macaw-fat.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is prepared by ethoxylation of dodecyl alcohol. Tests in the US indicate that it is safe for consumer use.
Glycerin is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is sweet-tasting and non-toxic.
Sapindus Mukurossi Extract is a soapnut that can also be used as a natural remedy for many health problems, such as for treating migraine headaches, or for dermatological purposes such as using the seeds to remove skin impurities like pimples or eczema.
Camellia oleifera  originated in China, is notable as an important source of edible oil 

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